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Comprehensive Estate Planning

The Law Firm of Kirkpatrick & Zeitz is experienced in carefully preparing affordably priced wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. Also, we have considerable experience in handling probates and representing personal representatives of estates. In probate cases, our goal is to resolve the matter efficiently while respecting the wishes of the deceased.

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Our Clients

If you are approximately age 50 or older and would like to protect your family's financial future, come and talk to us. Younger adults can also benefit from this service by planning for the unexpected. When an untimely death or disability occurs, a will or trust gives peace of mind that your wishes will be acted upon and your loved ones will be protected. Please note that for probate cases, fees are not due until the final distribution of the estate.

Other Specialties

Learn more about estate planning including powers of attorney and advanced directive by scheduling a consultation with us.