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Representing Victims Of Personal Injury Claims

At The Law Firm of Kirkpatrick & Zeitz, we have the experience, knowledge, and determination to aggressively pursue motor vehicle collisions, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, pedestrian injuries, bus and light rail injuries, slip and fall claims, and wrongful death claims. If you've suffered an injury due someone else's negligence , we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Once you become a client of our law firm, you can be confident in our representation. As your attorney, our goal is to help you obtain the maximum benifits for your claim. Our clients are important to us. Here at Kirkpatrick & Zeitz, we give you the detailed attention you and your case merit. We strongly believe hard work wins cases

Gavel and a Book

Time Matters

Don't wait to get the legal help you need. There are deadlines for taking legal action and waiting could prevent you from pursuing your claim. We will personally meet with you to discuss your concerns and advise you on how best to proceed. In personal injury cases, we don't get paid unless you receive damages for your case.

Negligence Claims We Handle

• Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, and    Bicycle Injury Claims
• Bus and Light Rail Injury Claims
• Slip and Fall Injury Claims
• Pedestrian Injury Claims
• Premises Liability Injury Claims
• Legal Malpractice for personal injury claims